Friday, 24 June 2011


YES, you can use this year mangoes until the next season…wanna know how? Its simple…use them to make mango pickle or aam ka achar, as we call it in Urdu! Preparing pickles at home is a very old tradition in Pakistan. And even today, majority of the households (especially in the Punjab province) make pickle at home which is then stored in large jars and used throughout the year. It is also given as a gift to relatives and friends.
Jars full of home made pickle

Even though the basic recipe for mango pickle remains the same, but every household has its own traditional recipe with a little variation that has been followed for centuries, and this is why each house’s pickle has its own special flavor.
Mango pickle in the making

Many people think that pickle making is a very complicated but trust me, it isn’t that hard. And it truly is a recipe worth trying because not even the most reputed pickle brand in the world will give you the splendid taste of a home made mango pickle! So do try and tell us how you liked it!!! Recipe available at snacks section!
Mango pickle served with meal

It can be enjoyed with almost any evening snack or main course dish, with parathas, puris or just own its own as well! Recipe is available in the snacks section!!! 
A jar of mango pickle ready to be gifted!

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