Saturday, 16 July 2011


With tea simmering on the stove waiting to be put off, the children yelling for help with their uniforms, the husband demanding his clean pair of socks and lots more confusing going on all over, week day mornings in almost every household are no less than a H.A.V.O.C!!!

Sundays, thereby, are the only sane days on our calendars when we can wake up late, go on with our usual chores at a normal pace and have a good hearty breakfast. Most families go for real fun breakfasts on Sundays, to celebrate their week ends. Many even rush to the famous eating out spots, specially in the cities, to enjoy the unparalelled Pakistani breakfasts!

Keeping this in mind, we are here to make your Sundays even more special. From tomorrow onwards till the next Sunday, we’ll be sharing with you some absolutely palatable and toothsome breakfast recipes from Pakistan.

These will also come in handy for all our Muslim brothers and sisters during the Sehris in the upcoming Ramazan!
So keep glued for updates…=)

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