Saturday, 2 July 2011


The monsoon season has almost arrived and every thing in Pakistan has gone wet...the roads are all full of rain water and the people have all heaved a sigh of relief at the cut in the summer heat! The monsoon is undoubtedly the most thoroughly enjoyed part of the year, partly because it occurs during the summer vacations. All the picnic spots and recreational centers get flooded with people out to enjoy the weather. Those who don't manage to go anywhere simply come out onto the roads (specially the children) to get drenched in the rain! 

The monsoon is generally considered to be the season of romance and love and so, has long since been made a subject in our romantic literature, folk tales, dramas and movies. Some of the most popular movie songs of the region have been picturized in the monsoon rain. 

For us Pakistanis, nothing can be more wonderful than having the evening tea next to an open window or under the garden shade, while its raining! And so, like for any other occasion we also have special recipes to make this time of the year a real treat! 

Pakoras are the most popular evening snack for monsoon, and thry become truly irresistible when served with a cup of aromatic masala chai or spiced tea (recipe for masala chai is available in the drinks section)...And today we have brought for you, not one but several different types of pakora recipes in the snacks section. These can be enjoyed with almost any type of chutney or dip (the recipes for quite a lot of chutneys can also be found in the snacks section)! So do try them and make your monsoon absolutely out of this world!!!=)

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